Yaoundé set to panic as Hon. Emily Thornberry Britain most feared MP takes Anglophone secret file to UK Parliament

Yaounde set to panic as Hon. Emily Thornberry Britain most feared MP takes Anglophone secret file to UK Parliament


Hon. Emily Thornberry one of Britain most revered MP  has lambasted the British Government for their double standard in addressing the ongoing Anglophone crisis in the North West and South West Region this is the very first time that she is talking about the crisis.

According to Hon. Emily Thornberry, the British government owes a great historic responsibility to the people of the North West and South West Region of Cameroon and hence the British government must see into it that they help resolve the crisis.

She equally blamed the British government for supporting old age and “autocratic” “dictator” who have been using the nation wealth to killed and brutalized innocent Anglophones of the west part of the nation and she equally highlighted that any economic venture between the British government and the state of Cameroon will be enriching President Paul Biya whom to her is using the wealth to kill the people of the west part of the country.

Hon. Emily Thornberry , British MP on the armed conflict in Southern Cameroon.

Posted by Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Here is the transcript of her speech at the British parliament

“On the 7th of June this year The Guardian Newspaper, ran a special feature on the brutal campaign of violence by the regime of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya, against English speaking Communities in the West of the country which was formerly known as British Cameroon.

Communities to whom we owe a historic responsibility; they quoted, in The Guardian Post ordinary men and women who saw their villages attacked by Biya’s military, who saw their neighbors and family members killed, and they were forced to flee from their lives, they quoted charity workers who were looking after thousands of displaced women and children for whom they warned going home will be suicide.

Now by any normal moral standard you would expect the UK government to read those reports and be appalled. But not this UK government, the very next day, after that report was published, the British Trade Secretary, announced a 15 billion deal with a British national gas company and President Paul Biya Regime.

A deal, this in the words of the Trade Department Press Release will quote “Generate a huge stream of revenue for the Cameroon’s treasury”. In other words, we have a regime Ranked as the 25th most corrupt regimes in the world, a ruler in his year of 43 autocratic powers, with a personal worth of over 200 million dollars, engaged in systematic campaign of brutality and killings against the English speaking community in the country.

And all our government can do is boast of doing trade deals which will only enrich him further, that in my mind, is what this government means by “Global Britain”



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