Woman Roasted In Military Arson Attack on Maumu Village

Woman Roasted In Military Arson Attack on Maumu Village


A woman has been burnt to death in Maumu, a village along Muea-Ekona road in Fako Division Southwest Region of Cameroon. She was roasted in her house in a military crackdown that witnessed the arson on many, Monday October 1, 2018.

According to a video circulating on social media, the soldiers entered the village in the early hours of the morning wherein denizens stayed indoor in respect of the 48-hours curfew imposed by administrative authorities. It was shocking to record that the soldiers arrogated the authority to set ablaze many houses, including that of the chief of the village.

Paradoxically, many denizens who didn’t run away from the Southwest Region, were consoled by the gubernatorial plea urging the people not to leave for other regions which they consider safe, highlighting that the military will protect them and their properties.

A move that some travelers listen to and did not move out of the region and others who were at home planning to leave did not finally leave after listening to the assurance of the boss of the South West Region who openly told the press that the security forces will protect the people and their properties.

And to make matters worse Divisional Officer of Buea Kouam Wakam Paul issued a 48 hours curfew which began on Sunday 30th September and ended on 02 October 2018 which mandated the people of Maumu to stay indoors.

Interestingly, the same people who were to be protected became a center for training by those who were supposed to protect them even after respecting the curfew instituted by the Divisional Officer for Buea.

A man was pulled out from his house and shot with four bullets in front of his wife by the same people in Maumu whom the governor said will protect them and a woman on Saturday 29th October 2018 was shot on her two legs by the same security forces loyal state.

If people who were stop from leaving, obeyed a curfew, are being killed what has become of the value for Cameroon constitution and the respect of Human lives?

All the cars belonging to the chief of Maumu were set ablaze including his homes, if a chief palace who is the eye of the government in the village who then is safe?

Is the governor aware that the same people he charged to protect civilians are going around burning them in their house and destroying their properties? Is the governor aware that people who were asked to stay indoors in Maumu stayed indoors only to be attacked by people he had asked to protect the people?

Is the South West Governor aware that soldiers treat all Anglophones who are now left in South West under his instruction as Amba Fighters until proven innocent?

Cameroon is a state of law and it will be helpful if those security forces who go around killing innocent and peace-loving people of South West are brought to justice.

It is true that there are some hostiles in the region who are trying to undermine Cameroon national unity and the soldiers should go after those people and not innocent civilians in a nation that is bind by international convention.

Posted by Precilia Favour on Tuesday, October 2, 2018


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