Who broke the law: Tchiroma declared Election and government applauds,Kamto declares government roar

Who broke the law: Tchiroma declared Election and government applauds,Kamto declares government roar


Barely few hours after Prof. Maurice Kamto Cameroon’s opposition party flag bearer for the MRC party in this year October 7th Presidential Election declared himself as winner of the election in Cameroon, the ruling political party CPDM has responded immediately to the victory declaration made by Maurice Kamto of the MRC party, accusing Kamto of violating the Cameroon electoral law that gives the constitutional council the exclusive right to pronounce election results.

Speaking in Yaoundé on October 8th 2018, at the Hilton Hotel, Jean Nkuete for the CPDM party stated that, the opposition party is trying to destabilize Cameroon which is not correct and called on Cameroonians to deceased from such provocation made by the opposition party.

“They are doing this to cause an uprising to the population and to create violence in our country” Jean Nkuete told the press.
the government of Cameroon has printed banners indicating that the declaration of election results by individuals is illegal

But he forgot that Cameroon Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma had earlier declared the results of the election prior to October 7th 2018, during which Mr. Issa Tchiroma told the press in a rally at Garoua Northern Region of the country that “President Paul Biya has already won an overwhelmingly victory”

Yet no body from the government bench questioned the minister of communication illegality of declaring that, incumbent candidate Paul Biya has already won an overwhelming victory even before the voting day itself.

Instead the joined him in the celebration of an announced victory way before the voting day could come, what observers described as “Political Myopicsm”

Kamto’s outing today Monday 8th October 2018 was seen as a heavy blow to regime which has been captioned “election rigging machines” amidst planed rigging by ministers trying to consolidate their position.

Many youths in Yaounde took to the streets celebrating alleged Kamto’s victory prior to the press conference announcement by the MRC leader.

The big question now is, has Kamto’s announcement made things difficult for the Biya’s regime to ridge this year election? The question remains open ended.



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