“We need a change now not even tomorrow” Douala traders warns to Douala City Council

“We need a change now not even tomorrow” Douala traders warning to Douala City Council


“We need a change now not even tomorrow” these were some of the words chanted by angry traders at the Bonamoussadi market a locality in Douala 5 Sub-Division economic capital of the Republic of Cameroon as they got up on Monday morning only to realize that their shops have been demolished by some members of Cameroon security forces, a reason which they are yet to understand.

The Bonamoussadi market got burnt in December 2017 and two months ago, the Market was visited again by fire and over 300 shops got burnt with materials worth hundreds of millions CFA lost during the fire incidence.

The traders are equally angry because when their market got burnt for the second time few months ago, they went and begged the management of the Douala City council to grant them permission to construct some makes shift structures which they can use to start up their lives while waiting for the government to reconstruct the market and they were given the green light to do so

Interestingly they got up on Monday only to realize that their make shift structures which they are managing to survive have been destroyed and no reason was accounted for the destruction.

Here is an excerpt of one of the traders

“Yesterday evening around 10 pm the police came to the Market, and they break everything and you know destroy the zinc put down the buildings”

The mayor of Douala 5 council H.R.H Gustav Ebanda on his part was very surprised at the demolition exercise’s and stated that the demolition occurred without his knowledge. This situation has provoked the angry traders whom for some time now have been living in poverty and selling under deplorable condition.

The traders are now demanding for change in the political system in Douala, this is coming at the barely one month to the October 7th presidential election.


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