Vision 4 TV CEO Reimburses ‘Embezzled’ CAMPOST Funds

Vision 4 TV CEO Reimburses ‘Embezzled’ CAMPOST Funds


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Groupe Anecdote (Vision 4 TV, and Anecdote Newspaper), Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, has finally reimbursed in full, the total amount of money, he allegedly embezzled from the Cameroon Postal Service (CAMPOST).

This information was made available to the Press this Monday, October 29, 2018, in Yaounde, by the CEO’s Spokesperson, Ines Arielle Belinga.

According to the Spokesperson, Mr Belinga rounded off his debt, Monday, cleansing his hands off an invisible chain that held him for years.

“Mr Belinga has just washed off his hands from the invisible chains that have held him for several years. He paid 150 million France last Thursday, October 25, and paid in the remaining 112 million CFA francs this morning. He invites all those who owe CAMPOST to do so like him. Just to be clear that the Groupe Anecdote no longer owes CAMPOST,” Ariel Belinga said.

She went further to explain that his boss’ deadline for payment was 2021, but being a collaborative citizen, he reimbursed the funds, three years before the deadline.

She, however, calls on those multiplying hate speeches about Belinga Eboutou on social media, to desist from it or they will be sued in court.

It should be noted that Belinga Eboutou had been slammed a fine of 509, 790, 931 CFA be paid for some embezzlement charges while he worked at CAMPOST. He was due to pay all the money on or before 2021.

News of the CEO lavished spending and alleged gifting of 25 million francs to his Vision 4 TV staff, and another 10% increase in the salary, for their dedicated coverage of the 2018 presidential elections, ignited debates on social media. Some of the media guru’s critics reignited his debt at CAMPOST, raining insults on his alleged embezzlement schemes.

Perhaps, Amougou Belinga’s fresh outings will help to clear the masses on the recent developments, of his case with CAMPOST.

By Evodia Ondaka


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