“Too late Hewett, we want actions not communiqués” SW travellers enroute to Dla tell begging governor

“Too late Hewett, we want actions not communiqués” SW travellers enroute to Dla tell begging governor


The governor of the South West Region of Cameroon Bernard Okalia has begged on the few  peace loving people left in the South West Region not abandoned their homes and properties and run to other regions which they considered as been safe.

He made the pronouncement in a communiqué which was released on Friday 14th September 2018 insisting that the government has taken necessary measures to protect them from Anglophone secessionist whom the Cameroon government has captioned them as terrorist.

In the communiqué the South West Commander in Chief debunked the news circulating on social media that Public authorities in the South West Region interned to block the circulation of people from the 15th of September 2018 as FAKE news and the people should not listen to such news.

But rather the population should trust the Cameroon security forces for the security of the lives and properties and should not yield to any FAKE news from Anglophones terrorist whom want to cause panic to the population.

Paragraph one of his communiqué reads “since the beginning of the week especially a few days back, we have observed the mass exodus of the population out of town of Buea,Kumba,  Limbe and Mamfe  etc to areas and localities out of the Region on the grounds that terrorist and other intoxication specialists and manipulations are claiming that public authorities interned to prohibit all movements and circulation as from 15th September 2018”

Last statement on Paragraph two in the communiqué states “these rumors are completely unfounded and fake”

The governor in his second to the last paragraph highlighted that “indeed adequate measures have been taken to ensure the security and the protection of persons and their properties

The South West governor did not just limit himself with the communiqué but moved to Mile 17 Bush Station and begged the travellers not to leave the region but should stay and trust the security forces.

A military which to the people are worse than the people the government considers as terrorist, security forces that have greatly been condemned by United Nations Human Right as number violators of the human rights and freedom

But people who have been living in this region have termed the governors communiqué as a piece of paper which cannot guarantee their safety and security of their properties because they are not running from the so called “terrorist” but they are running from the “professional soldiers” whom have in many circumstances have been terrorizing the people they are out to protect.

According to one of the traveller at mile 17th who did not give his names for security reason told TNN that “we are not running from “terrorist” but we are running from the soldiers who have been terrorizing and killing our innocent brothers and sister claiming to be Amba fighters, so asking us not to run like putting us in hell and telling us that the devil has no power over hell”

She went further in highlighting what she witnessed at Ekona from the hands of Cameroon Security forces during “ This crisis escalated I told my children that we will not run from Ekona because we are not Amba fighters neither do we want Cameroon to divide I know when the military comes here they will protect us. But instead the military came into Ekona and started spraying bullets as if the whole of Ekona was occupied by Amba, lots of properties around the road especially at the main entrance to the market were destroyed including my house and if not of God stray bullets would kill us.

So hearing that the military will protect us is making mockery of us, the military is instead putting fear in us so we are living South West until further notice so to me the communiqué is as good as nothing  to me the communiqué is come late for the government need to show us actions not communiqué” she concluded

From general opinions about those leaving the South West Region 90% stated that they are fleeing away from military brutality and aggression because to them when there is an attack by the arm separatist the military just move in and start arresting torturing and even killing innocent civilians with most recent example in Ekona on the 7th September were Benzen Jonas a Secretary at Presbyterian Church Ekona Yard a locality South West Region Cameroon and his 3 children were allegedly killed by Cameroon Soldiers.





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