Things fall apart? N.W. Governor Adolphe Lele L’afrique institute Curfew in a region under Curfew.

Things fall apart: N.W. Governor Adolphe Lele L’afrique institute Curfew in a region under Curfew.


The Governor of the North West Region, Cameroon Adolphe Lele L’afrique has banned all night activities within the entire region to begin on Sunday 9th September 2018 until further noticed and equally banned the circulation of commercial motor bike in the region.

In a hastily prepared regional order number 462, the chief administrative officer of the North West region, Governor Adolphe Lele L’afrique issued today Sunday 9th September 2018, the administrative order  equally bans night travelling from and to Bamenda; any kind of inter-urban transportation, closing of all snacks, off licenses, and night clubs in the region between 6:00 APM to 6:00 AM till further notice

The ban however gave excerptions to government officials, security and ambulances.

This is the latest curfew imposed by the Adolphe Lele L’afrique in a region which is already under another curfew but this new or reinforced curfew comes in a backdrop of secessionists’ attack on a convoy of Busses leaving Bamenda last night 8th September 2018

Armed groups had stopped cars around Akum a locality in Bamenda regional Capital North West Region Cameroon last night, destroying buses and used a caterpillar to dug and divide the highway before the late arrival of security forces in a move which has spurred the government to react and prevent such measures again as presidential election come close on October 7th 2018


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