“They are Bunch of school dropouts” Cameroon lead political blogger Tebo Lucas takes aim at we need peace musicians

"They are Bunch of school dropouts" Cameroon lead political blogger Tebo Lucas takes aim at we need peace musicians


Cameroon system lead political blogger and CEO of TeboPost.news Mbah Lucas Tebo has caused a social media storm following his latest post on social media which has has quickly gone viral.
The political blogger and revered political analysts has taken aimed at the initiative by some Cameroon A list stars who gathered in the nation’s capital recently to sing for the need for peace in the country.
Super star Daphne, Mr. LEO, Salatiel, Blanche Bailly2 amongst others had rallied their voices to sing for peace in the country especially in the war torn Anglo phone regions.

The initiative was quickly criticise online by many Cameronians as political and inflammatory.
In a post on social media, TeboPost boss went full throttle on the celebs accusing them of being “feeble minded” before saying they are a “bunch have of school dropout”

” The so called peace song by Cameroonian musician is nonsense given the bad timing . I wonder why now when opposition parties are causing panic in Yaounde.
Cheap and feable minded, third class musicians say stars.
Anyway….what do you expect from a bunch of school dropouts.
#Ishhhhh” he said on his Facebook wall in a staggering turn of events

Speaking exclusively to TNN, the boss of TNN sister network says the timing is not only bad but the language used in the song doesn’t show it was done for the agrieved Anglophones
” first of all the song came two years after the Anglophones crisis and two days after the Yaounde political nightmare ” he told TNN
“And to make things worst, the song was largely in French to an Anglophones English speaking population, what a bad taste” he told me as he remains defiant by his statements despite calls for him to take it down by some fans of the stars.

The TeboPost boss was criticised by some followers of the stars for being too harsh and calling them school dropouts and he told me ” when I look at the whole idea and timing behind the move, I couldn’t see it pass the walls of comeplete education”

Tebo is not new to controversy especially political controversy as his blog carries in depth political editorial and analysis of daily happenings in the country.
His followers have praise his move, welcome his hardline and says the musicians have failed the people


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