“Southwest Elite Allegedly Plotted Against Mayor Ekema” Untold Truth about Sawa Hotel Attack

"Southwest Elite Allegedly Plotted Against Mayor Ekema" Untold Truth about Sawa Hotel Attack


Many have described the incident that occurred at the Sawa Hotel last Monday,September 24, 2018 as the making of a blockbuster movie yet without a director, though the cameras kept rolling.

Video footages showed a Gendarmerie Officer together with a Soldier, pinning down the Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, with a gun about to pull the trigger. He would later be dragged and then pulled like a criminal, and then forced into a car.

Why Was Mayor Ekema Manhandled?

Common sense will tell you that, it wasn’t protections but a mission to shoot or arrest depending on how hostile the target may react when confronted by security forces and in this case, they were coming to clean the house as had early been informed that the person in their hands, is a secessionist and very dangerous person, hence, be immediately eliminated.

But as fate would have it, the trigger was not pulled.

Security forces protecting someone from an attack will cover him up and ensure that he is not being exposed to any risk of taking bullets from different direction; besides, the victim will not be victimized with pushing’s and pulling as was the case with Mayor  Ekema.

Instead, he/she will be covered and escorted to a safe place because it is their duty to protect innocent civilians even if it means coming face to face with bullets.


However, forensic analysis from the video footage show security forces acting the contrary. Instead, they acted swiftly and promptly based on the information they had; that there are four secessionists with guns at Sawa Hotel planning an attack in Douala. So the combat-ready military, came to neutralize the attackers as the case has always been in the Anglophone Regions where separatist fighters are killed instantly.

Crux of the matter 

After talking with an eye-witness and the victim of the attack, TNN can authoritatively say the Mayor of Buea Municipality, Ekema Patrick Esunge, was a victim of political sabotage, and a failed assassination attempt allegedly orchestrated by some Elite of the Southwest Region. According to our investigation, some yet to be identified elite of the Southwest Region, wanted to use the ongoing Anglophone crisis as a visa to eliminate the mayor, who has been very vocal about the double standards of some Elites of the Region.

Our findings reveal that, the Lord Mayor of Buea went to Douala on that fateful Monday to buy CPDM fabrics at CICAM, to be used for Campaigns for the incumbent President, Paul Biya.

But when he went to CICAM, he was requested to seek authorizations from party hierarchy before he could be permitted to buy the materials. According to the attendant, only the central committee can give orders for CICAM to sell CPDM materials to party supporters who are not central committee members.

And when contacted, one of the members of the CPDM central committee told him that he does not need to buy the fabrics but rather should contact another member of the central committee who controls the warehouse to come and give him the quantity needed for  him to use for the Head of State Campaign’s which he did!.

And he was told to hold on that the fabrics will be given to him later; as launch time approached the Mayor then decided together with some few persons with whom were together to go and have launch at the SAWA HOTEL while waiting for the fabrics.

This was how Ekema Patrick Esunge ended up at Sawa Hotel

But what really went wrong?

While at Sawa Hotel, the Mayor and with his friends heard a gunshot around Meridien Hotel which is about 100M away from Sawa Hotel but they thought the sound was not a gunshot but a sound produced by a car.

Few seconds later they heard another gunshot coming their way out of a sudden, they saw two men dressed like civilians jumped from the fence and started shooting that was when they understand that the shot they heard was a gun shot, the gendarmerie and military officer there present at the Sawa Hotel and others were hinted that the mayor and some others are secessionist who have come to attack Douala.

Instantly, he was pushed to  the floor and with a gun pointing at his head ready to be eliminated as secessionist and just when the trigger was about to be pulled a military office stepped in and ordered the officer not shot because the person in their custody is the Mayor of Buea.

And they were taken away for further clarification whether they were secessionists or not

While in the hands of the security forces a colonel with whom they were with heading for clarification received a call and told the caller that, they had given them a FALSE ALARM and that the people were not secessionist as had been informed, this was when the card was let out of the bag.

But some media organs that Monday had reported that the Mayor was with his numerous body guards who were dressed like civilians and were mistaking for Amba boys by guards loyal to a presidential family lodging in the hotel, reasons why the security raided the area to protect the mayor. Narrations that were false

TNN gathered that the Ekema Patrick was not with his guards as had earlier reported by some media organs, because if he was with his guards dressed like civilians as reported that Monday, they would have been serious fighting and blood flow as the mayors guards would have shot at the two military men dressed like civilians who jumped into Sawa Hotel and started shooting while the gendarmerie and the military officer in their uniforms would at as well open fire too.

It is God grace that the mayor’s body guards were not with him else we would have been talking something else.

Who told the security forces that Sawa Hotel had secessionists? 

It is alleged that the information stating that they were four secessionists at Sawa Hotel came as a hint from some South West Elites who were allegedly lodging at Meridien Hotel at the time who knew Ekama Patrick was at the hotel waiting for CPDM fabrics and allegedly told security forces that the mayor and some others were Amba fighters, and they came to eliminate the Amba fighters.

They started shooting around Meridien Hotel as the approached Sawa Hotel because to them they were coming for a full confrontation with Amba boys and had call for back up before coming not knowing that they were about to be used to settle political scores which they know nothing about.

It is so shameful to see that Some Elites of the South West who are seeking refuge in Yaoundé will go ahead to tag others as secessionist just to have them eliminated in order to achieve their selfish and divided ambitions even if it means rubbing the names of Cameroon security forces in the mud.

After launching the Campaigns in Buea they have all run to Yaoundé and Douala for the mayor to battle now with the secessionists who have vowed that elections will not take place in Buea while the Mayor of Buea too has vowed that there will be election in Buea and he will campaign for the CPDM party in Fako.

TNN However cannot independently confirm the allegations but how is looking into the story because there cannot be any smoke without fire

The Governor of Littoral Region released a communiqué indicating that it was a false alarm indeed.

The videos bellow tell the story


Ekema Patrick Esunge being taken away by Gendarmes.

Posted by Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji on Monday, September 24, 2018

Posted by Nyangono Marie on Monday, September 24, 2018


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