Shocking Reality: Anglophone Artists going the Judah’s Iscariot way while fans are dying of Guns and Bullets

Shocking Reality: Anglophone Artists going the Judah’s Iscariot way while fans are dying of Guns and Bullets


In my scattered thought and emotions, I have realized that many musicians in Cameroon seems to have lost touch with the people of North West and South West Region since the Anglophone crisis escalated into an arm conflicts

I looked at reign of Apartheid in South Africa which was the racial segregation and racial discrimination by the White Minority over the Black Majority in South Africa, music was used as a push and pull factor in advocating for justice, peace and freedom by activist who had only their voices to let the world know what was happening in their nation and to boast the morals of freedom fighters.

And after the fight against Apartheid Music was seen as an instrument in bringing South Africans together and to preach love and respect to one another  no wonder we had names like Miram Makeba, Saraphina among others.

In Uganda Music has been used as major force to advocate for democracy, one of the front liners is Bobi Wine who have used music to advocate for freedom of expression and democracy and as we speak today Bobi Wine is now an MP at the Uganda’s Parliament saving as the voice of the voiceless

But ever since the eruption of the ongoing Anglophone crisis, music seems to have been abandoned in the quest for peace, justice, freedom and national unity, instead stockholders are more focused in boats on the ground not realizing that music can be the catalyst of peace, stability and freedom in Cameroon.

Majority of Anglophone artists are mute as if nothing is happening in their area; every day scores of youths are being killed, instead they are more focused on shows abroad and in some major towns and cities in Cameroon but the big question is who will they come back to sing to when things become normal?

Once upon a time in Buea to Muyuka, extending to Bamenda and in Mamfe you hear the sound “BASTARD Kwakoko inside Banga soup jovi na BASTARD grand, Hien Prere Say what, Money make monkey Handsome no be lie, Ego better, na for I go shave my dada, just to name but these”, but today the sound of music seems to be far from these same areas as the places now are being inhabited by ghost or empty buildings.

Regrettably, some of these artists are going about adding salt into injury, and even go as far as saying that there is no Anglophone problem in Cameroon one such artist  is Jovi who  stated that there is no Anglophone Problem .

William Shakespeare once stated that “if music be the fruit of love play on I would like to have more of it” hence, artist should know that music is a catalyst of love and should use their voices in times of difficulties to preach love, justice and peace.

Today the musicians seems to have abandoned the same people who supported them, mothers of the North West and South West Regions will take to the street demanding an end to the ongoing war and seeking for the restoration of peace and stability in Cameroon but Anglophone Musicians have decided to stay quiet.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, once stated that at the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends. Hence, the artists should note that there is still time to make things rights and if they decide to stay silence till the end of the crisis they will be judged by history and shall be remembered for their silence.

Borrowing from the words of Dr. Sley one of Anglophone most active artist “the fans are going down by the river side and will tell their stories to the lord”

French artist too on their part have equally decided to stay mute as if they numerous killings of security forces and young men and women in the North West and South West Regions are not taking place in Cameroon.

If we must advocate for national unity, we must use our voices to call for peace, love for our fatherland, justice and unity. The world will only be a bad place if those who ought to react fail to react when they needed to react.


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