Nigeria’s Buhari rubbishes Cameroon Democracy and pledges not to go the Biya’s way come 2019

Nigeria’s Buhari rubbishes Cameroon Democracy and pledges not to go the Biya way come 2019


Nigerian incumbent for the 2019 presidential election Muhammadu Buhari, has reassured the country for a smooth, credible and peaceful upcoming presidential election schedule for February 2019.

The reassurance for a credible, peaceful and smooth election was made known by the president on Monday 29th October 2018 via his tweeter handle in which the president pointed out thatNigerians will enjoy free and fair elections in 2019. The President has only one vote, governors have a vote each, just like anybody else. Let the people vote for whoever they choose, without their will being tampered with. The era of awarding votes is well and truly behind us.”

Buhari’s post comes few days after supporters of the Nigerian main opposition party PDP have accused the incumbent of trying to manipulate the electoral commission so as to stay in power as his friend in Cameroon Paul Biya did during the 2018 Presidential election in Cameroon.

But the Buhari has pointed out that he is not going to interfere with the electoral process neither is his party going to violate the electoral laws so as to win the election, but the APC party is going to campaign on a level field as any other political party.

Muhammadu Buhari became the first opposition candidate in the history of Africa and Nigeria in particular to win an incumbent in an election that was widely praised for being the first democratic election in Africa.

The peacefulness of the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election was thanks to the patriotic nature of the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan who did his best to ensure that the elections were done hitch-free and he became the first incumbent to accept defeat in an election in Africa.

The February 2019 Presidential Election has been seen as a litmus test for the Former military leader now civilian president to organize a peaceful, credible and transparent election as his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan did in 2015.

Members of INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) which is a body that was established in 1999 by Section 153 of the Constitution of Nigeria charged to organize elections in Nigeria; are confirmed by the Senate after being appointment by the president this is to ensure that they are independent and are not loyal to any party.

The situation is different in Cameroon were, it is the President of the Republic that appoints members of the Elections committee known as ELECAM which is the body charged with the organization of elections in Cameroon.

And at the same time, it is still the President of the Republic of Cameroon who appoints members of the Constitutional Council, which is the body that has the exclusive rights to proclaim the winner and the process takes 15 days after the voting day in Cameroon.

When will we get the results of Nigerian Presidential elections?

In Nigeria, results of the presidential elections are made known within 48 hours by INEC and are uploaded on their websites as the results comes in per polling stations

Buhari’s action of planning free and fair Presidential election in Nigeria has send strong message to Cameroonians that Nigeria is different from Cameroon and respect state institutions.





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