“n’est pas fondé” CC Pdt “Kills Justices” and pave the way for looming darkness in CMR as Kamto watches from a distance.


Cameroon’s President of the constitutional Council Atangana Clement has rejected all nine post electoral petition for the just ended October 7th Presidential election presented by the opposition candidate of the MRC led by Prof. Maurice Kamto to the Biya’s appointed constitutional council members

According to the President of the Constitutional Council all nine petitions were unfounded in what he termed in French language ” n’est pas fondé” despite glary evidences presented by Prof Maurice Kamto’s 14 man team who have all been described by many Cameroonians as nonsense with international and national reputations.

The outcome is not surprising to many Cameroonians who had earlier pointed out that the Constitutional Council will rule in Biya’s favor who is the person that appointed the members.

And truly the ruling has shown that the Constitutional Council with ELECAM is one and indivisible and cannot be separated else the Council would not have rejected the evidence presented by the Kamto’s team alleging that there were electoral fraud.

The SDF petition calling for the total cancellation of the October 7th is still ongoing at the CC and from the look of things it will still be thrown out of the constitutional Council and the President of the Council will simply say ” n’est pas fondé”


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