Mayor Ekema Sues for Peace; Solicits for Amnesty on Runaway Elites

Mayor Ekema Sues for Peace; Solicits for Amnesty on Runaway Elites


The Lord Mayor of Buea Municipality, Ekema Patrick Esunge, has stressed the need for peace and unity to reign among the CPDM family in the Southwest. He made the appeal in Buea this Wednesday October 3, 2018, while delivering his speech at the “CPDM South West Regional Mega Campaign Rally.”
According to the Mayor, it will only be in an environment of peace and unity that their candidate, President Paul Biya, will secure a 100 percent vote in the upcoming presidential elections.
The boss of the Buea municipality Ekema Patrick Esunge stated that all hands are on deck to ensure that the people of the South West Region give a resounding and successful victory to the incumbent president Biya who has great experience in bringing peace in Cameroon.
Meanwhile, Mayor Ekema Patrick, urged their party chairman and incumbent president, Paul Biya, to pardon those top supporters dubbed elites of the South West Region who have been attempting to nurse seeds of discord among CPDM militants in the Region.
“On behalf of the population of this region and in my capacity as elected mayor of Buea, I humbly submit to the head of state, to pardon our brothers and sisters for demonstrating deviant behaviour, as father of the nation we pray you find space in your heart to forgive us as the father did in the prodigal son”

Mayor Ekema equally praised the incumbent for his numerous supports to the peace-loving people of the south west region and stated that it is now time for the people to vote candidate Paul Biya who has always been supportive to the entire region and has never failed to bringing development in the South West Region.
At the level of the Anglophone Crisis and peace in Cameroon, Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge used the opportunity to call on CPDM supporters to advice their brothers and sister who have taken up arms against the state to drop it and to join candidate Biya in bring peace and development for our nation.
Mayor Ekema stressed that the CPDM supporters should try to reunite those who have been internally displaced as a result of the crisis to come back home and join the CPDM in promoting peace in Cameroon and lauded the effort of the Governor of the South west Region in promoting peace and protecting the territorial integrity of Cameroon
“We cannot in any circumstances disagree with the fact that these separatist and internally displaced are not related to us in one way or the other; consequently, it is incumbent on us as true patriot to reunite our families”
The CPDM supporters were very happy with the speech of Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge in calling for unity among the fragmented CPDM supporters in the South West Region who abandoned  Buea to the Mayor amidst the ongoing crisis only to come back for campaigns to set confusion among CPDM supporters
Mayor Ekema concluded his speech by promising his 100% supports to the CPDM party and to the incumbent Paul Biya whom he noted is the only candidate that can unite and protect Cameroon.


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