Man Gets 224yrs Jail Term for Raping One Month old Baby

Man Gets 224 yrs Jail Term for Raping One Old Month Baby



Patricio Medina rapes his new born daughter, breaks her bones has been sentenced to 224 years in prison.
Patricio Medina, 27 years confessed to an inmate of sexually assaulting his newborn baby and his inmate testified against him which let to him being sentenced to 224 years in prison with parole only after 80 years.
Examination of the one month old baby shows that her wounds have been undergoing healing which means the assault has been going on for a while now but her mother did not report to the police which made her mother to be charged with two counts of endangering the child’s life.
Medina also confessed to the inmate saying he squeezed the baby’s ribs and legs causing them to break and he will crush her in his chest if her mother gets him angry.
This same man was charged for aggravated sexual assault of a child in march and his, Lisa Montoya has also been charged of abandoning and endangering the life of her child.

The little baby has been adopted with her siblings by an unrelated family member. She is four years old now and she is said to be doing fine.


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