Longue Longue Endorses Akere Muna as Cameroon’s Next President

Longue Longue Endorses Akere Muna as Cameroon's Next President


One of Cameroon’s finest Pan African artists, Longue Longue, has thrown weight behind  revolutionary Presidenttial Candidate, Barrister Akere Muna,  as suitable contender for the October 7  Presidential Elections 2018.

He sees Akere Muna as the only presidential candidate that can defend the interest of Cameroonians and take Cameroonians away from the neocolonialist structure which has hampering economic growth of the nation.

Akere Muna is coming with a new and positive mindset of building a new Republic based on good governance, respect of our constitution, building a nation of subsidiarity where people and state institutions are given autonomy to do things that will contribute to the growth of Cameroon without depending on Yaoundé above all investing in digital economy that will empower Cameroonian youth and give opportunities for business startups.

Longue longue believes that if Cameroonians need a change and a great nation then Akere Muna is the person to vote for who will be the leader and not the boss because the boss gives instructions while a leader joins their people in carrying out functions.

He is the first most popular Cameroonian artist to voice his support for a candidate for this presidential election.

Akere Muna is the only presidential aspirant who can adequately fight against corruption and embezzlement. Vote For Akere Muna to Build a new Republic.


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