KAMTO’S coalition reject purported BIYA’S victory on social media warns against violence by BIYA’S regime

KAMTO'S coalition reject purported BIYA'S victory on social media warns against violence by BIYA'S regime


The MRC coalition led by Professor Maurice Kamto has rejected the alleged victory of Candidate Paul Biya circulating on social media presumed to have come from the national vote counting commission and has maintained that they(the MRC), won the 2018 Presidential Elections.

Here is the detail of their communiqué


Information of the electoral results from the National Vote Counting Commission of the recent presidential election is currently circulating in the social media. According to this information, candidate Paul BIYA has won with an overwhelming victory. In reaction to this falsified victory, CRM and its coalition of political parties and other organisations built in support of the candidacy of Maurice KAMTO have categorically rejected these falsified results. These fake figures are originating from fabricated result shits of some fake observers who claimed to be of Transparency International, but were later on unmasked, as they were trying to convince the national and international public to accept.

The coalition in this election continues to insist on the victory of Maurice KAMTO in relation to the original result shits of the polls at the end of the day of October 7, 2018.

In addition, the coalition rejects all forms of violence the regime is struggling to attribute on the coalition. It wishes to inform the national and international public of the regime’s acts in orchestrating provocation to trigger post-election violence and at the same time blaming it on the coalition.

For example:

1) The questioning and hearing of some of our militants in various localities of the country by the security forces;

2) The intimidation of our militants and sympathizers by people who seem to belong to a militia in the neighbourhoods;

3) The incitement of ethnic hatred between communities by the use of tribalistic and ethnic slurs;

4) The spread of hate speech in the public and certain private media;

5) The arbitrary arrest and detention of Mr. Thierry OKALA EBODE, Deputy National Treasurer of the CRM, whose only fault is to have denounced a fraud that involved the usurpation of his identity by another voter; the latter haven been assisted by the president of the polling station is until now surprising protected;

6) The expulsion, manu militari, from polling stations of representatives of CRM in most of the three Northern regions – Adamaoua, North and Far North , as well as in the East and South Regions, and certain divisions in the Centre, West and South West Regions;

7) Permanent harassment of coalition members by the security forces.

The coalition urges the people to remain vigilant and not to allow their victory to be stolen.

The Coalition for the candidacy of Maurice KAMTO”



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