Kamto-led Douala protest, Rubbishes Antanga Njie’s terrorism threats , puts Yaounde in Conundrum

Kamto-led Douala protest, Rubbishes Antanga Njie’s terrorism threats , puts Yaounde in Conundrum


Some supporters of the MRC party of Prof. Maurice Kamto have defy security threats and storm the streets of Douala protesting against electoral fraud of the 2018 presidential election accusing by Biya’s appointed constitutional Council members for partnering with the CPDM party to rub Maurice Kamto off his “Victory” in the just ended presidential Elections.

This move is coming days after Cameroon administrative officials had warn against any attempt to question the electoral decision of the government led Constitutional Council despite haven brought “Fake” Transparency International observers for the October 7th poll.

Posted by Paul Chouta on Saturday, October 27, 2018

MRC party of Prof. Maurice Kamto, has maintained that he won the October 7th 2018 presidential poll and has called on his supporters to defend their vote at all cost so as to make sure that democratic principles in Cameroon are well respected.

But 24 hours earlier Cameroon Minister of Territorial Administration Minister Paul Atanga Njie embarked on another operation to clear the country of any rebellion reasserts his authority even as the country goes into deep soul searching amidst an uncertain political terrain after a questionable CPDM landslide victory after the October 7th polls by European Union and Cameroons head of the Episcopal Conference Bishop Samuel Kleda.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji pointed out that the October 7th 2018 Presidential Election was conducted under “fully satisfactory conditions and appreciated by most observers” observers mission which was highly questionable as the government brought in people they claimed were representatives of Transparency International only for Cameroonians to discovered that they were Fake representatives.

The charismatic minister, Paul Atanga Nji did was firmed in his press conference by threatening political rivals and their followers with fire and fury like they have never seen in the history of Cameroon, resurrecting Cameroon’s controversial and threaded anti-terrorism law which has been described by many rights activists as draconian law that spells out death sentence to victims as he promises hell to those whom he says are trying to form rebellion against the state.

In Atanga Njie’s words “has thus far shown proof of tolerance” and pointed out that the electoral process is “over” and the government will take up her responsibility to ensure peace and stability.

Today’s protest was a litmus test for the MINAT boss to match words into action, and observers holds that if MINAT bring in force to stop the Kamto’s led peaceful protest it will plunge the Country into a serious crisis that will benefits the Anglophone Separatist more, since focus will now be shifted towards Douala, Yaoundé, and other parts of the country.

Interestingly, MINAT kept it words and descended with full force on the protesters and arrested some members of the MRC movement. some of the names of those alledgly arrested today by security forces are

Michèle Ndoki
Kamsik Jules.
Muthaga Syvanius
Tientcheu Joël.
Tchimou Charkin.
Youmbi Serge.
Fokoua Charlaire
Waffo Saha Fabrice
Njoufack Stephans
Tchassem Ermando
Djoko Bertrand
Ngalaken constant
Ngako Claude
Muthaga silvanus
Liliane kouam
Pagui Roméo
Raoul Geradin Gnotue Fotso





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