Kah Walla Bent On Overthrowing Biya!


One of Cameroon’s firebrand politician, cum rights activist, Edith Kahbang Walla, has vowed to oust the Incumbent President, Paul Biya.

Live from Douala, Cameroon, Sunday October 14, 2018, Kah Walla told a German international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle (DW) TV, that Cameroonians are hungry for change.

“I’m even more bent on ousting the Biya regime through a non-violent manner. Cameroonians hold the power to do this. The ballot box has proven to not be a solution,” Kah Walla said.

She regretted that her advice for the opposition to boycott the October 7 presidential election was not heeded to.

Kah Walla insists that all Cameroonians must now gear up for a peaceful revolution that will usher in change.By Fonki Ndeley


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