Hundreds being killed, AU neglects, Kamto Roars, AU backs, is CPDM Sponsoring AU?

Hundreds being killed, AU neglects, Kamto Roars, AU backs, is CPDM Sponsoring AU?


African Union chairperson Moussa Faki who has been describe by some African patriots as the most corrupt and fraudulent chair of the great Union, has released a statement calling on political stakeholders to exercise maximum restraint and to stay away from actions that could further increase tension in Cameroon as the nation awaits the release of the October 7th 2018 poll.

Moussa Faki who came to Cameroon and celebrated with Cameroon President Paul Biya as if nothing was happening in the two English-Speaking Region of the nation, official released about lection restrain in Cameroon comes two days after opposition candidate Professor Maurice Kamto took the Biya’s government off guard and announced to the Cameroonian Public that “My mission was to take a penalty. I did it and I scored,”

Kamto’s declaration has set the award winning corruption regime into panic as they are confuse on what to do and have resulted in calling Kamto’s action illegal but forgetting that Maurice Kamto made his declaration based on article 113 of the Cameroon electoral code.

Moussa Faki stressed that he is closely following the events in Cameroon after the October 7 2018 polls and stated that all claims relating to the electoral process be handled legally

But the million CFA question is, why is AU not monitoring the ongoing killings of civilians and military officials within the Anglophone regions? Why have they all decided to stay mute why hundreds of people are being killed on monthly bases for an organization that pride itself as the voice for Africans? Have the hundreds of thousands Anglophone refugees in Nigeria and in the forest now become insignificant to the AU?

Is Cameroon presidential election now more important that human lives? Why have they not decided to look into it that peace and stability return to the both regions? Are the two regions now out of Africa? Or is incumbent Paul Biya re-election into power for another seven year mandate to add to the already served 36 years now very important than the civilians and military that dies every day?

The questions remains open ended and it is now left for Moussa Faki chair of the soon to be toothless bulldog organization to come out and answer the genuine question from Cameroonians who want peace in a united and one an indivisible Cameroon.

Moussa Faki focus on Cameroon Presidential election without trying to probe into the Anglophone crisis can only goes further to confirm the hypothesis put forward by some patriotic Africans that he is the most corrupt official to chair the AU.




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