Hired CPDM Supporters from Douala, Limbe Crammed on 17 Buses to Buea

Hired CPDM Supporters from Douala, Limbe Crammed on 17 Buses to Buea


17 buses were spotted transporting hired CPDM supporters from Limbe and Douala to fill up the grandstand during the CPDM South West Regional Mega Campaign Rally. The occasion that took place this Thursday October 3, 2018, saw the importation of foreign bodies, to impersonate the participation of foot militants, who seemingly were jilted by party hierarchy.

According to close political observers, the move staged by the seemingly unpopular elites to give a mirage to the Head of State’s representative, that they still command things within a region which has emptied her population to Littoral, West and Centre regions, due to the escalating nature of the crisis.

Such a deceit only come to confirm the news which an online platform, www.cameroonupdate.com, had reported that 30 Million CFA was allegedly given to Hon. Emilia Lifaka, to hire over eight thousand five hundred (8500) supporters from Douala, and Limbe to pose as supporters from the various divisions of the South West Region, so that the chairman of the CPDM party can see that all is well with the party in the troubled region.

However, only one thousand one hundred and ninety (1190) people were bought over from Douala and Limbe as opposed to 8500 initially projected as CPDM Supporters. We gathered that each of them were paid just to take part in the “CPDM South West Regional Mega Campaign Rally” as had earlier pointed out by the online platform.

The 17 buses were all 70 seaters, hence, multiplying 17 x 70 = 1190 people from Douala and Limbe. The truth is the grand stand was not full as had initially projected even with the hired supporters.

TNN spoke with some of the hired supporters from Douala they confirmed that they were paid 15,000Frs each to come and pose as CPDM supporters for South West. Meanwhile, those in Limbe were paid 10000 CFA to come out to attend the rally.

The reality is that the place was half full and was heavily boycotted by the usual CPDM supporters, from Muea, Ekona, Muyuka, Kumba, Ndian, just to name but these. The event was what Politician described as “a man talking to himself and wanting people to react.”


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