Government Ignores 2018 Reunification Celebrations; who’s Fooling Who?

Who is Fooling who? Last Year Yaoundé celebrated 1st October this Year no celebration in Yde. Has the day die a natural death?


On October 1, 2017, the state of Cameroon organized a rally at the Yaoundé reunification monument, to celebrate the 56th anniversary of between Southern Cameroons, and La Republique du Cameroun.

The event occasion organised for the first time since October 1, 1961, was chaired by Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji and the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

Many described the celebrations as adding fresh impetus to the history of Cameroon which has been paralysed by political wrestling.

During the celebration, stockholders came up with a declaration that was known as the “Reunification Monument Declaration,” which called for dialogue and said no to secession and yes to the Unity of Cameroon.

The event was broadcast live by state media who used the whole of that day to preach about national unity and integration of a one an indivisible Cameroon as Yaoundé was celebrating the day for her very first time.

While the people of the North West and South West Region were under curfew, mobile telecommunication network services under the address CA-PM bombarded the phones of Anglophone Cameroonians with messages of unity and respect of Cameroonian security forces.

Despite the numerous measures implemented by the Cameroon Government to frustrate the planed march by Anglophone separatist on 1st October 2017, Thousands defied the curfew, the messages and the announcements of staying indoors and stormed the streets chanting songs of freedom with peace plants, litters of water, red oil in their hands

However, just when many wanted to begin understanding Cameroon’s past through this phenomenal occasion, the 2018 celebrations, which was to be the second edition, was never organised.

This year Yaoundé seems to have forgotten about the celebration, and messages were not sent to the population as they did last year but this year, Yaounde has instituted curfew via the Do’s and Governor, and military reinforcement has been instituted in the both Regions in other to frustrate this year celebration by secessionist.


The question now is who is Yaoundé fooling? Why did Yaoundé not celebrate this Year 1st October? Is it a sign that they have been defeated already? Or has the day now gone into extinction? Their celebration last year was just to show off because of the effect of September 22 2017? What has happened on the much importance of the day as was broadcast last year in Yaoundé?


Only the over office can provide answers to these questions. Many people are of the opinion that the celebration last year took place because the government had seen that the secessionists were gaining ground hence, needed to produce a counter measure which did not work as several people took to the street despite the curfew.


Instead, all eyes were on the two regions and International Crisis Group, Amnesty International issued reports condemning the massive killings of civilians by government forces allegations which the government has rejected.


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