Franklin Sone Bayen[2018 election situation room]ROAD TO OFFICIAL RESULTS: way forward, step by step (sketchy)

Franklin Sone Bayen[2018 election situation room]ROAD TO OFFICIAL RESULTS: way forward, step by step (sketchy)


 By Franklin Sone Bayen

polling stations >> polling centre >> municipal compilation >> divisional compilation >> national vote counting commission >> constitutional council for proclamation latest oct. 22

– the local compilation is done by local commissions headed by magistrates, with representatives of local administration (appointed by DOs and SDOs) and local representatives of candidates.

the municipal or subdivisional compilation commission has 48 hours (until tuesday, oct. 9) to forward their tally sheets to the divisional commission that in turn must forward its compilation to the national vote counting commission within 72 hours, that is latest friday, oct. 12. both commissions must attached original return sheets or vote slips to the compiled reports.

from polling stations through polling centres and subdivisional to divisional commissions, all members, including representatives of candidates are each entitled to original copies, which they are expected to forward to their national hierarchy for use in comparing figures at the national vote counting commission.

a caveat is, where there are discrepancies in copies of vote slips, the copy submitted by ELECAM is admitted as the authentic results. this provision could be tricky where one party has falsified slips as was suspected in copies seen from the northern regions. if the party falsify the slips is the ruling CPDM, knowing their affinity to ELECAM, it has often been seen that CPDM and ELECAM copies were identical, implying they maybe agree or conspire to discard the authentic copies which representatives of candidates take away, and share identical falsified copies.

the national vote counting commission will have less than ten days to forward the final tally of the results to the CONSTITUTIONAL COUNCIL.

that commission comprises: 2 judges appointed by the supreme court chief judge, 5 representatives of MINAT appoint



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