“Enough is enough with some faceless and unmandated individuals” Limbe Government Delegate tells Separatist after successfully launch FESTAC

Enough is enough with some faceless and unmandated individuals Limbe Government Delegate tells Separatist after successfully launch FESTAC


“Limbe is for Peace, Limbe want Peace and Limbe will do whatever it takes for peace to reign”

These were some of the words echoed by the Government Delegate of the Limbe city council; during the official launching ceremony of the 2019 edition of the Limbe International Festival for Art and Culture that took place on Saturday at the Limbe Community field South West Region Cameroon.

The event had as chair the Governor of the South West Region who represented the Minister for Art and Culture and was accompanied by some top ranking government officials of state own cooperation’s, Regional delegates, directors among others.



Despite numerous calls by Anglophone Activists advocating for the restoration of the former British Southern Cameroon now refer to as Ambazonia, for the event to be boycotted by the population of Limbe and its environ, the event effectively kick started with over 3000 plus people who answer present far above the expectation of the city council during the official launching ceremony.

The Government Delegate of the Limbe City Council told his guest that “When we started this journey towards our city’s cultural renewal five years ago, I knew uneasy was the going to be the head that wears the crown. Like any venture, we knew there were inherent risk.

Many did not give us a chance. Five years on, Limbe FESTAC has become a reference festival. We have not reached the level we want to be, but I can assure you we are not very far from it. We have gone bigger and better and now we are firmly in another level.

We are unshakable in our resolve to make Lim be FESTAC become not only a strong symbol but a leading and reference festival in Cameroon and well beyond our borders”

The Government Delegate equally took out time to congratulate the peace loving people of Limbe for their continues supports towards national unity  “ I want to once more thank the population of limbe and all others who have defied the threats from so called separatist and are here in your numbers. Today we are once again sending them a clear message- Limbe is for PEACE? Limbe wants PEACE and Limbe shall do whatever it takes for PEACE to reign in this town of friendship and opportunities.

  Enough is enough with some faceless and unmandated individuals dictating to us how we have to run our businesses, what to do with our children and even what to do with our lives

Cultural Display

The population of Limbe has been wonderful in previous editions of Limbe FESTAC. This year more than ever before we want massive participation of each and every member of the Limbe community.

Limbe FESTAC is by the people, Limbe FESTAC is for the People, Limbe FESTAC belongs to the people.

Limbe FESTAC is a vivid manifestation of the peaceful co-existence of all cultures and tribes in Limbe and that here in Lmbe we live together as one.

Nobody can deprive the people of Limbe of their FESTAC, not today not in the foreseeable future” Motanga Andrew Monjimba concluded


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