EKEMA PATRICK ESUNGE, the Catalyst of CPDM victory in Fako Division for the 2018 Presidential Election

EKEMA PATRICK ESUNGE, the Catalyst of CPDM victory in Fako Division for the 2018 Presidential Election


The just ended 2018 presidential election was a litmus test to CPDM elites who have long abandoned the municipality as a result of numerous threats from Ambazonian fighters who promised hell to any of the Elites that will attempt to organize any CPDM Campaigns in Buea.

A test which they failed woefully but managed just to do CPDM launching at Buea Mountain Hotel and a regional rally at the Buea Grand Stand which witnessed low turn of CPDM sympathizers.

As Cameroonians awaits the final results of the October 7th 2018 Presidential election from the constitutional council, the people of Buea municipality have reasons to celebrate after voting for their choice presidential Candidate despite threats from Anglophone Separatist Fighters.

CPDM finally rally Buea council

Posted by Tah News Network on Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Buea Council on Saturday October 6th 2018, in collaboration with the CPDM Buea Communal Campaign team for the Presidential Elections, organized a grand come together involving sympathizers of the CPDM party as well as the general public.

The event was championed by Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge who reassured the CPDM voters that all security measures have put in place to ensure that they vote on that day; he went ahead and gave his number publicly to the over one thousand CPDM supporters to call him on the voting day in case they have problems in living their neighborhood.

He told them that the council has made provision to transport voters on that day to go and exercise their civic duty and enjoined them to vote for Candidate Paul Biya whom to the boss of the municipality is the only candidate that can bring change to Cameroon.

Ekema Patrick Esunge is the only CPDM baron that did organize a party rally in Fako Division to champion 100% votes for Candidate Paul Biya despite the ongoing Anglophone crisis rocking both regions.

Under the leadership of Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge vehicles belonging to the Buea council was on standby transporting voters who wanted to vote on that day and the transportation team did a good job to transport CPDM supporters

Interestingly no other political party apart from the CPDM party did organize a political rally for the 2018 presidential Election and Ekema Patrick rally which took place on the 6th October 2018 was the only rally that brought together thousands of people from all the villages of the municipality as opposed to the grand CPDM rally that transported people from the Douala, and Limbe under a hit work of Hon. Emilia Lifaka who paid transported supporters to pose as CPDM sympathizers in Buea.

Ekema’s grand rally finally paid off on Sunday 7th October 2018 as CPDM secured an overwhelming majority of voters for the 2018 presidential election who voted Paul Biya in all the polling station within the Municipality.

Thanks to Ekema Patrick Esunge effective mobilization of CPDM supporters, the party can now be proud of a victory within Fako Division.





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