Eight Kuwait Returnees Narrate Ordeals Amidst Deepening Human Rights Violations in Middle East


Some eight out of the twenty Cameroon girls trapped in Kuwait, Middle East, have successfully reunited with family members on their return.

The reunion occasion took place this Sunday October 14, 2018, at the Douala International airport, where the government of Cameroon successfully secured the repatriation of these victims of domestic violence.


They were first received by the forces of Law and order, who reportedly gave some instructions, before they were released to their respective families, in a tear-provoking scenario.

In an exclusive interview, the ladies said all hell was let lose on them while in Kuwait. They indicated that they deceived on the type of job in Kuwait before embarking on the journey.

“I am a degree holder if the field of Sociology and Anthropology; I was deceived by an agent, who took 500,000frs to secure a teaching job in Kuwait. When I left Cameroon, I knew I’d be a teacher, not until my passport was seized from me while I entered Kuwait. I have been there for almost a year now, and I can’t even explain to you how much pains and sufferings I have endured there. From sexual harassment, to sleeping with dogs, and the dusk to dawn hard labour, the suffering was just too much. I thank God for bringing me safe,” Adeline Fossap, one of the returnees, said.

The distressed girls said they were over 30 in the camp, with many sick. However, the government of Cameroon secured the return of 10 of them, though only 8 managed to successfully make it.

“We were taken to a camp for recalcitrant domestic workers, where we ate only ones a day. When news came that our government was going to secure our flights back home, 10 of us were selected. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to 2, because only 8 of us finally returned. I wish to immensely thank the government for bringing us home,” Raisa Mfapou, another returnee told us.

The government recently announced its desire to repatriate and incorporate Cameroonians trapped and undergoing inhumane treatment in Kuwait. Unfortunately, the October 10 deadline, indicated, was never met.

At least two of the girls reportedly died, and dozens of others remain in captivity.

Kuwait, like other Middle East Countries, is notorious for enslaving foreigners who come to work in the country. Many have been reported dead from domestic violence committed by mostly Kuwaiti families. In 2016, the government of Cameroon banned travelling abroad especially for those seeking for employment in the Middle East Countries. Unfortunately, many still venture on the journey.

By Evodia Ondaka


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