Did the Clandestine Release of 78 PSS Students Justify government critics who saw Government hands in their Kidnapping?

Did the Clandestine Release of 78 PSS Students Justify government critics who saw Government hands in their Kidnapping?


Cameroon Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary has confirmed that the seventy nine students who were kidnapped in PSS Nkwen a secondary school located in Bamenda Regional capital for the North West Region Cameroon have been released.

He made the pronouncement in an interview with AFP in which the communication Minister stated that “All 79 students were released,” Issa Tchiroma told AFP.

Talking to AFP, the communication boss did not give details or the conditions under which the seventy nine were released.

The Moderator of the Cameroon Presbyterian Church, Rev. Samuel Fonki, pointed out that seventy eight students including a teacher have been released summing up to 79 and enjoined the church community to pray for the Principal and one other teacher who are still in the hands of the kidnappers be released as well..

“Praise God seventy eight children and the driver have been released. The principal and one teacher are still with the kidnappers. Let us keep praying,” Fonki said.

Who kidnapped the 78 Students and the Teachers?

Before the effective resumption of the 2018/2019 School year, the government of Cameroon through the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji pointed out that adequate security measures will be put in place to ensure that people and properties of the North West and South West Regions are protected.

Ever since the students were kidnapped by God knows who, the government has been quick to point fingers at the Anglophone separatist fighters while the Anglophone Separatist fighters on the other hand has been quick to condemn the act and stated that they are not responsible for such an act and blamed it on the government whom they say is trying to use the strategy to paint them black in front of the international community

The big questions are: who kidnapped them and in whose favor will it be by kidnapping those students and their teachers, how was it possible to kidnapped such a huge number of students, and how were they transported without security awareness in a region under curfew, how come such an operation could happen in an area already militarized and yet they kidnappers had their way, how come the kidnappers took time to go into dormitories by dormitories without someone informing the military?

Justice Aya Paul Cameroon Former Supreme Court Justice attempt answers to some of these questions in a post on his Facebook page which he published on 6th November 2018, here is an excerpt of the post copied from his timeline on his Facebook page


“Now, let us look at this situation together. Here are we in a war zone. Just a few days back, a missionary of foreign nationality was killed. The military led us to understand that there was a follow-up operation, resulting in the killing of five of the assailant’s/killers; and that mopping-up operations were afoot. Even as I left Bamenda since 1983 after two years of service, I still have dependable memory that the scene of the killing of the foreign missionary is just about ten (10) kilometres from PSS, Nkwen.

Now, the alleged abduction was by ‘armed men’. Reasonably, they could not be less than a dozen, given the number of ‘hostages’ taken, (at least 80), in a war zone.

That was in the context of the strict security measures in the war zone that were now added to by the special security measures put in place following the ‘murder’ (assassinate) of the foreign missionary… If the hostages were lead away on foot, it was a large crowd – a multitude of 80 hostages plus the assailants.

If they were taken away in vehicles, the curfew was in place, adding to the military checkpoints, and the elevation of the security alert after the killing of the foreign missionary a few days earlier.

Above all, a boarding school has several dormitories. How could such a multitude be quietly led away without any security alert by the military in a war zone or any alert whatsoever by the other students? Worse still, all this in a war zone without any military intervention or interception?

It means, in essence, then, that a dozen enemy combatants could have gotten to the military command centre undetected; and safely made away with eighty ‘military’ prisoners of war in a war zone UNDETECTED! Not so FUNNY, arh beg!

And for this to come from the mouth of the military is really DISTURBING, and sounds inimical to the sustaining of the morale of our combatant soldiers!

All in all, then, the outing of the military has adversely affected their reputation by reason of their own utterances; and the resultant cloud over their involvement is now far more difficult to clear. To rebuild confidence, then, the first step appears to be an in house cleansing by the military themselves.

That, one should like to think, is inevitable.

TELL US A DIFFERENT STORY, PLEASE!” Justice Ayah Paul Concluded.








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