Detained Anglophone Journalist, Awah Thomas Jr, Back At Kondengui Prison After One Month Medical Attention


After one month of intensive medical attention, the Editor of the Aghem News, finally returned to the Kondengui Maximum Security Prison, to continue serving his 11 years jail term.

According to the Unity Foundation Cameroon, the Non-Profit Organisation that secured his summary release from prison to receive medical attention on Friday September 14, 2018, the incarcerated journalist has solidly picked up health wise.

“Mr Awah returned to his prison cell Tuesday 16th October 2018 after spending a month in hospital. He will go back for follow up on October 30th and November. We thank God for his life,” They posted on the Social Media pages.

The deteriorated health condition of Awah Thomas Junior at the Kondengui prison, sparked outrage on social media as many wondered why the government of Cameroon would leave someone with such bad health condition, to remain, and possibly, die in prison. Journalists from around the world pressured the government to immediately release the journalist for medical attention, The Cameroon Journalist Trade Union (CJTU), and the Committee for the Protection of the rights of Journalists (CPJ), championed thunderous distress calls for the intervention of the global community for the imprisoned journalist be released, at least briefly for medical attention. A hashtag, #FreeThomasAwah, was launched to continue the advocacy online.

Well-wishers troop in with gifts and cash money, to cater for Awah Thomas Jr.

The Unity Foundation Cameroon, successfully negotiated for his release, and footed the bills for his intensive treatment at the Yaounde General Hospital. Other Journalists’ union and advocacy groups, have also contributed huge sums of money and handed to Awah Junior while he was in hospital.

Arrested in Bamenda in January 2017, Thomas Awah Junior, was sentenced on may 25, 2018, to serve 11 years imprisonment in Kondengui Prison. He was charged for secession, spreading of false information, and inciting public unrest.

The journalist who has been suffering from mental issues for than six years now, hat led him to undertake several surgical operations, denied the charges, and said his arrest was manipulated by some Northwest elites.

By Yanick Ndeley


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