Davido Campaigns for leading opposition party PDP while Cameroonian Artists are observers in their own election

Davido Campaigns for leading opposition party PDP while Cameroonian Artists are observers in their own election


Nigeria multi-millionaire Dollar artist David Adedeji Adeleke known to many as Davido, has taken Nigerians by surprise by coming out publicly to launch a campaign for the main opposition party PDP at Osun state in Nigeria in support of his uncle Ademola Adeleke who will be running for the position of the Governor in Osun state.

Nigerians will be heading to the polls in 2019 to vote for a new president or to add another mandate to President Muhammado Buhari who has become unpopular in Nigeria owing to his inability to deliver on his campaign promises as an APC candidate when he became the first opposition Candidate in Nigeria to win an incumbent in the history of Nigerian politics.

Davido coming out publicly to campaign for the leading opposition Party PDP is a serious blow to the Buhari government who are facing diminishing popularity as the song of Presidential Elections becomes louder. Davido huge fans in Nigeria have promised to support the PDP government just because of Davido.

Davido’s Uncle Ademola Adeleke equally known as “the dancing senator” has promised to bring positive changes in the state of Osun and he is using Davido as the frontrunner for his campaign to win the governorship and to mobilize supports for PDP ahead of the 2019 presidential elections

Davido has shocked so many of his fans who only knew him as an artist and have express joy and satisfactions seeing Davido involving into Nigerian politics and have described his action as patriotism and the love for their fatherland.

Davido’s fans in Cameroon have applauded the initiative of their artist and are wondering why their own Cameroonian artist have decided to stay mute in the upcoming Cameroon Presidential Election which is schedule for October 7th 2018 despite the fallen economic standard of the Cameroon Music industry.

They are seeing the 2018 Cameroon Presidential Election as an opportunity for the Cameroonian artists to rally behind a candidate that will listen to them and upgrade the Cameroon Music Industry as the case is with other nations.


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