CRM Members Outsmart Security forces, Hold Press Conference In Undisclosed Location


The Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party has Frustrated Plans by Forces of Law and order in Douala to paralysed a planned press conference in Douala, Thursday October 12, 2018.
The Party of Maurice Kamto skilfully stationed militants at the residence of Bar Yondo Black in Akwa and the party regional headquarters at Grand Moulin as though they were granting a press conference.
A move, which attracted dozens of security forces. At the same time, the actual planned press conference was taking at the residence of Albert Dzongang.
Addressing the Press, Barrister Yondo Black said there is no doubt about Kamto’s victory; but the tribalistic tendencies animating debates are completely out of the party’s agenda and highly condemned.
“Those planning uprising to accused the CRM will not succeed…,” he declared.
A mixed deployment of Elements of the National Gendarmerie and Police forces besieged the Residence of renowned Barrister Yondo Black in Akwa Douala, behind Orca.
The Former Batonier, Yondo Black, Batonier Akere Muna and Maurice Kamto were due to hold Press today Thursday at his said residence
One hour before the start of the press conference, his residence was besieged.
It is coming after Kamto’s spokesman in a meeting with the press Wednesday October 10th in Yaounde, maintained the CRM presidential candidate won the election.
Barrister Yondo Black had earlier backed Kamto’s candidacy and asked Paul Biya to acknowledge his victory.
The National President of the Social Movement for New Democracy (MSND) and former President of the Cameroon Bar Association, without mincing words, called on Paul Biya to turn the page by recognizing that he lose the election.


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