CPDM Flag bearer In Buea:10 points Candidate Biya Must Raise as He Seeks another Term as President

CPDM Flag bearer In Buea:10 points Candidate Biya Must Raise as He Seeks another Term as President


CPDM Candidate for the October 7, 2018 presidential elections, and incumbent president, Paul Biya is on a race to convince Cameroonians to give him another mandate as he seeks to consolidate national unity, enhance the role of women and youths above all step up the fight against exclusion.

He was in Maroua capital of the Far North Region of Cameroon where he met with thousands of supporters who promised to cast their vote on the incumbent whom they think is the only one who can best handle the nation regardless of his age.

Mr Biya will now be heading to Buea, South West Regional capital this week, to convince voters in the troubled region.

Here are the ten points Biya must present to Anglophones, while in Buea.

1) Further improve the living conditions of our compatriots

Improving the living conditions of Cameroonians will be my main goal.

2) Continue to consolidate peace

Peace is the first word of our country’s motto. it is also one of our major challenges. faced with the recurrent threats looming over peace, we must do all in our power to preserve it.

3) Safeguard national unity and the territorial integrity of our country

My candidacy is dedicated to asserting national unity in diversity.

4) Accelerate our progress towards the emergence of Cameroon

We must achieve emergence by boosting economic and social development to enable our compatriots to live in a prosperous and stable country which present and future generations will be proud of.

5) Strengthen innovation.

Innovation is at the centre of our plan to achieve emergence because it drives growth and enhances competitiveness.

6) Enhance the role of women and youths

We must, more than ever before, give women and youths their rightful place in society, not only on account of their demographic weight, but also considering their vitality.

7) Step up the fight against exclusion

Despite the effort already made to place the fight against exclusion at the centre of government’s action, more needs to be done.

8) Provide more support to arts, sports and culture

Arts, sports and culture are indispensable factors for asserting the national identity and achieving our togetherness. They are also a considerable wealth generation pole.

9) Consolidate Cameroon’s position in Africa and in the world

Cameroon is a full member of the international community. We will continue to act responsibly for the advent of a more just and more united world.

10) Ensure the defence and progress of our fatherland

By the repeatedly expressed will of the people of Cameroon, the Fatherland has always been at the centre of my concerns and action.  I will, therefore, continue to be resolutely at its service.

Whether or not will Candidate Paul Biya keep his promises after October 7th 2018? will be a debate for 2035.


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