CPDM Defy Amba Threats, Take Bamenda by storm as Amba Fighters watch helplessly

CPDM Defy Amba Threats, Take Bamenda by storm as Amba Fighters watch helplessly


“The CPDM Party stands against terrorism, violence, ghost towns, school boycotts, killings, abductions” these were some of the words echoed today by Cameroon Prime Minister Philemon Yang who doubles as the chairperson of the Cameroon People Democratic Party (CPDM) Campaign team in Bamenda Regional capital of the North West Region Cameroon, as he officially launches the October 7th presidential Campaigns in a region that has seen mass exodus of people moving into the French-Speaking regions due to the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

Talking to voters at the Bamenda Congress Hall, Yang pointed out that the Republic of Cameroon needs an experienced leader like President Paul Biya who understand the system and not people he considers as novices and day dreamers who are coming to do try by error.

The Yang delegation defied the ban placed on them by Anglophone separatist fighters who have vowed that elections will not take place in the Anglophone Regions and have warmed against holding any form of campaigns on what they termed “our soil” but this time around became helpless as Yang and his team took the Bamenda Congress Hall hostage.

Bridges linking some divisions within the North West Region have been destroyed and some roads have been blocked by the separatist fighters in an attempt to stop the campaign team from campaigning in the hinterlands of the North West Region of Cameroon.

It is unclear whether the CPDM team will move to the villages to do their normal campaigns as they used to do before looking at these new developments and threats issued by the armed separatist fighters in the North West Region of Cameroon if the penetrate into the interior.

Most villages in the North West Region are deserted with thousands of people now living in the bushes for fear of military brutality and confrontation between Anglophone Separatist Fighters and Cameroon military. And thousands have run to other French regions for fear of the unknown.

The million CFA question now is, who will the Yang’s delegation campaign to, in the villages if they succeed to penetrate the interior? Will they campaign to the abandoned homes or to the ghost villages that have been burnt down by the Cameroon military?






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