Constitutional Council Gaffes, Kamto Smiles En-route to Etoudi

Constitutional Council Gaffes, Kamto Smiles En-route to Etoudi


The alleged blunder orchestrated by Emile Essombe, at the dying minutes to the end of the post-electoral litigation hearings at the Constitutional Council, may likely be that last straw to resuscitated a strong case from Maurice Kamto.
The Member of the Constitutional Council in beefing up claims that Candidate Paul Biya won in some areas contested by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) of Prof Maurice Kamto, instead shot himself, and betrayed the CPDM party, as the documents brandished, had faulty ends.

Essombe Emile, in front of the cameras, brought out unsigned final election data sheet of contested areas known to French as Procès-verbal (PV) of which he claimed they were original and had been signed.
His interceptions were seen as a window of blessing and opportunity to the Kamto’s team who had earlier requested that the original copies of the Procès-verbal be presented to the court so as to justify with the result they have in their possession.
Essombe Emile appointee of President Paul Biya at the Cameroon Constitutional Council, was quick to rubbish the claims presented by revered Barrister Ndoki of the Kamto’s team showing frauds of the October 7th presidential election as Fake without even providing evidence to show how fake the documents of Me. Ndoki are Fake.

Interestingly when Me. Ndoki requested on the 16th October 2018, that the constitutional Council should task Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) to presents the original documents of the Procès-verbal (PV) to prove that their documents are authentic and not fake as Essombe had said, CC, stayed quiet and turned a blind eye and instead maintain their claims that Me. Ndoki documents are all Fake.

If you didn't watch what happen yesterday, here is a video of what caused the clash between a member of the constitutional council and Maurice Kamto's lawyers.#237vote #etoudi2018 #constitutionalcouncil #equinoxtv #crtv2018 #elecam #cpdm #mrc #election #avocat

Posted by E KWAT tv on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Constitutional Council waited after only after deliberations were closed and brought in the documents on the 17th October 2018 which had earlier been requested by Kamto’s team and started reading out some of the contested areas which shows huge victory to President Paul Biya.
Emile Essombe’s arrogance in brandishing the document he termed authentic, did not prevent the Kamto’s camp from requested to examine the document.
Shockingly, Kamto’s team to see that the documents were not real as had no signatures in all of the pages which should have been the case. This was now clear that the CC was trying to play a fast one at Cameroonians but Failed.
If Essombe had kept quiet things would have favoured them and they would have easily gotten away with it but his intervention helped expose the mafia and gave Kamto’s the lead on the road to Etoude.


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