Campaigning to Ghost town and villages or to dying victims? “Shameful” elites meet with their Karma

Campaigning to Ghost town and villages or to dying victims? “Shameful” elites meet with their Karma


Campaigns ahead of the October 7th Presidential Elections in Cameroon will officially kick start on 24th September 2018 as mandated by Elections Cameroon which happens to be Cameroon “independent” electoral board charged with the coordination and organization of Elections in Cameroon.

This year election is very unique in that it is the only election in Cameroon that is being organized under a senseless civil war ongoing in the two regions captioned by some as the war or unity against division in Cameroon.

For over  two years now the people of the two English-Speaking regions have been in a crisis which started as civil disobedience between Anglophone Common Lawyers and the Anglophone teachers but their civil disobedience met with step response from the Yaoundé central Government who responded by using military force in an attempt to stop the civil disobedience.

Government actions of using military might instead escalated the problem as the teachers and lawyers later formed a civil society consortium which became known as the Anglophone civil society consortium and was later banned by the government after dialogue with the teachers in Bamenda and with Lawyers in Yaoundé failed.

The government ordered for the arrest of the consortium leaders who were now demanding for the return of a two state federation and the respect of human rights and freedom in the Anglophone regions. Their arrest created a vacuum as of leadership and was eventually filed by Cameroon government worse nightmare Southern Cameroon Separatist group whose only ambition is to advocate for the restoration of the Former British Cameroon what they now called Ambazonian

As the drama of arrest and protest was ongoing many Elites from North West and South West Region avoided calling for effective dialogue instead, they supported the Cameroon government in taking hard actions against the peaceful protest abandoning the people on their own.

Hundreds of villages have been burnt down and youths are being killed on a daily bases, yet the elites have all been muted to such actions instead they are praising the government for a job well done and calling for heavy militarization of both regions.

The situation has not become precarious and has forced thousands of Anglophones to run into Nigeria as Refugee and hundreds of thousands into the bushes while a great number has migrated to the Littoral, West and Center Region creating now Ghost Villages and towns.

And the few people who are trapped in the two English-Speaking Regions are either people who have no were to run to or have decided to brave the odds most of whom are not friendly to the Elites or now that Campaigns are to be launched on the 24th of September who will they come and campaign to?

Will they come and campaign to the Ghost Villages and towns in the North West and South West or will they go to Littoral, West and Center Region and campaign there?

The Governors of both regions even went as far as begging the people of both regions not to leave, but they gave a deaf ear and went ahead with their plans of moving out of the region separatist fighter have issued warnings promising to attack them if they come for campaigns.

What will the Elites now tell President Biya?



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