Cameroonians Advocate For Opposition Coalition To Stand Against Incumbent Paul Biya

Cameroonians Advocate For Opposition Coalition To Stand Against Incumbent Paul Biya


Cameroonians of all walks of life are galvanising support for Opposition Candidates to form a grand coalition in order to defeat incumbent President Paul Ahead of the October 7th 2018 Presidential Elections.
The initiative championed by the Cameroon Alliance for Coalition, an advocacy group, indicates that anything short of a coalition among opposition parties, will mean giving another Seven-year mandate to incumbent President Paul Biya who has been ruling the nation close to four decades.
The campaign dubbed “All stand for a Coalition of opposition Candidates for 2018 Presidential Election” is geared towards raising the electorate/diaspora awareness about the fierce urgency coalition of opposition candidates, to facilitate an opposition coalition candidate’s meeting/forum, and to encourage opposition candidates to discuss and decide on one opposition candidate for Oct 7th election.

On the 14th September 2018 they sent their first letter to all the eight opposition candidates begging them on the need to form a coalition in order to win an incumbent who has the available resources at his disposal to win the election if they fail to form a coalition.

The truth of the matter is that majority of Cameroonians wants all the opposition to form a coalition this is because all of the eight candidates have good number of followers and if they go in as single candidate they may not have majority to oust Biya but if they put their huge numbers together they will have a good number to oust President Paul Biya come October 7th 2018 Presidential election.

The Candidates must understand that Cameroonians will hold them responsible if they fail to form a coalition and President Paul Biya wins.

In a recent TNN/Tebopost poll, 60% of Cameroonians voted in favour of a coalition.
The clock is ticking and time waits for nobody.


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