CAF Rubs Shoulder with Cameroon’s ‘Dirty’ Politics

CAF Rubs Shoulder with Cameroon’s ‘Dirty’ Politics


Just last week that the Head of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Ahmad Ahmad, said the fate of the host of the 2019 African Cup of Nations, will be declared only after the 2018 Cameroon’s presidential elections schedule for October 7.

According to him, making such declaration earlier may affect the dynamics of the presidential elections. Many welcomed the move as being objective and credible for not wanting to meddle with Cameroon’s politics.

Others, like ace-strikers, Albert Roger Milla, Bell Antoine, and the likes, took to the media to criticise CAF’s move. They cited silent war being initiated by CAF on Cameroon, and posited that if Cameroon eventually, doesn’t host the 2019 AFCON, then CAF, should have masterminded their downfall.

Not before long, and going against its initial stance, Ahmad Ahmad stormed Cameroon’s Unity Palace where he assured President Paul Biya of Cameroon’s assured hosting rights. In a never-seen fashion, Ahmad, went against the very reasons for not declaring the right host of AFCON 2019, last week.

Wow!! The CAF president nailed it and surprised many who questioned the outing as to why did he visit the Unity Palace at this crucial time that Cameroonian voters are trying to make their final decision as to who to vote for?

What has happened to the last inspection team Ahmad announced? Has the body been bought-over?

Did he not say the decision will only come after the presidential elections must have taken place because CAF does not want to meddle in Cameroon’s politics? Does he not know that his outing is a campaign for President Paul Biya? Or was he called up to came and boast the Biyas Campaign without him knowing?

His outing has been seen as a big campaign strategy employed by the incumbent President Paul Biya to show that only him can call the shots, this was evidential in that after the visit Samuel Etoo stated that he will vote for President Paul Biya.

And for true, President Biya, achieved his objectives but it is now left for CAF Ahmad to be fair and just and avoid politic of the pocket.



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