Cabral Libii alerts Cameroonians on imminent election rigging


While awaiting the publication of final results of the just ended 2018 presidential elections in Cameroon, Cabral Libii, flagbearer of the UNIVERSE party, has called on young Cameroonians to massively rally against election rigging.

The UNIVERSE candidate made this call on Saturday October 13, 2018 on his social media wall.

According to Candidate Cabral Libii, the recent presidential election ripped off Cameroonians from their victory during the counting of votes which he described as excess abuse of power.

“It is hence fourth clear that information received from the field and statistics coming from the National counting commission that the victory of Cameroonian at the presidential election is being stolen,” Cabral Libii said.

He calls on Cameroonians to stand and defend their victory .

“Let Cameroonian youths get ready, let the people of Cameroon stand up, they themselves should legitimise revolution. This is excess abuse of power,” He added that.

Meantime, the National Constitutional Council, the body in charge of proclaiming election results in Cameroon have 9 more days to the death line for the release of results for the just ended presidential election.


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