Bobi Wine Message to President Trump: Stop Funding’s for Oppressive Regimes in Africa.

Bobi Wine Message to President Trump: Stop Funding's for Oppressive Regimes in Africa.


Robert Kyagulanyi Uganda’s Member of Parliament and a vocalist popularly known as Bobi Wine met with Bradley Sherman a US Congressman recently to canvas for support from the US government to stop founding the Ugandan government due to its massive human right violation and antidemocratic tendencies on the Ugandan citizens.

Robert Kyagulanyi is in US for special treatment after sustaining injuries from military brutality and detention in Uganda due to his role in promoting a peaceful protest against elections irregularities in West Nile town Arua.

Mid-August, Robert Kyagulanyi, was arrested, beaten and detained over dubious allegations of treason. In the weeks since his arrest, Bobi’s experience has transcended the confines of that horrific Arua night and catalyzed a series of pro-democracy demonstrations and an outpouring of support for Bobi’s struggle in Uganda and beyond.

Robert Kyagulanyi is one of the very few Ugandans to use music to advocate for democracy and good governance in Africa in recent times and it was due to his effort in preaching democracy, justice and freedom that earned him a place at the Uganda’s parliament.

Despite being a parliamentarian, police and military brutality on him seems to be an agenda on his parliamentary life.


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