Biya Rubbishes Campaign Fabric and storm Maroua with Suit while surrogates worships Fabric

Biya Rubbishes Campaign Fabric and storm Maroua with Suit while surrogates worships Fabric


Candidate Paul Biya flag bearer of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party ahead of October 7th presidential election, on Saturday, 29th September 2018 made his first campaign appearance in Maroua Far North Region of Cameroon without putting on the official fabric for his 2018 presidential Campaign.

Insteadhe went begging for voters while putting on suit for the people to vote for him as the only person who can guarantee peace and stability of Cameroon whose national unity is under threat of people he captioned “liberators.”

Indeed! Candidate Biya’s words for calling the people he had earlier termed terrorist now as “self-proclaim liberators” speak volumes which mean he acknowledges the fact that, the people of the South West and North West Region are in bondage and needs to be liberated hencehe will crush their self-proclaim liberators after elections to make way for a one and indivisible Cameroon.

He is the first presidential Candidate who has not put on his own official campaign fabric to launch a campaign ahead of the October 7th polls while the rest of the eight aspirants have been show casing theirs on the campaign thrill.

On the other hand, Biya surrogates seem to be worshiping the fabric which has now become a visa to secure a government job as it makes hierarchy to understand that the militant is with Candidate Biya and not with the opposition.

Candidate Biya;action for not putting on his official campaign fabric for his first appearance on the 2018 presidential campaign thrill has been interpreted by many as an act of mistrust and lack of confidence on his own party.

Speaking to the hundreds of supporters Candidate Paul Biya stated that “By meeting the legitimate expectations of our compatriots in the two regions (south west and North west), and by protecting them against excesses by the so-called “liberators’, we will prove, that their future is truly in our Republic”

Candidate Biya is expected to be in Buea on Tuesday to carrying on with is usual promises that will come to pass in 2035.


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