By Franklin Sone Bayen

The Bisong Foundation has donated basic needs and other necessities to internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Manyemen and the rest of the Upper Balong clan in Nguti subdivision who fled the comfort of their homes as a result of the armed conflict rocking the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon. Bisong Foundation is registered as a charity in the United Kingdom and in Cameroon.

It was co-founded by Mr. Michael Bisong and his wife Hortense Manto Bisong both based in the UK. The donated items which include mainly health and hygiene needs such as tooth paste, tooth brushes, body lotions and shower gels, were handed recently to the pastor of Presbyterian Church Manyemen, Rev. Ndam Elias Tebeu for onward distribution to the needy.

Rev. Ndam who is only weeks old in Manyemen, replaces Rev. Imbia Okon who had endeared himself to the community for his efforts towards facilitating the distribution of humanitarian support to IDPs, sometimes trekking into the forest to meet them at their dispersed camps. Rev. Ndam has likewise taken the commitment to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor.

The donation was rushed to Manyemen through a volunteer emissary in mid-September ahead of feared escalation of gun battles between government defence and security forces and separatist forces fighting for the “restoration of the independence” of former British Cameroon, today the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, now self-styled the “Republic of Ambazonia”.

PC Manyemen pastor, Rev. Ndam Elias Tebeu with some donated items

The escalation was expected ahead of two significant events. First, October 1 observed as Ambazonia’s symbolic Independence Day. Next, October 7 when Cameroon held a presidential election which separatist forces said was banned in Ambazonia because “Ambazonia is no longer part of Cameroon “, separatist leaders warned. Both sides had reportedly redeployed troops and fighters and amassed weapons, creating the fear that displaced persons would be further deprived during the escalation.

“We donated these items to support those who are affected by the Anglophone crisis,” said Michael Bisong. “Bisong Foundation aims to make further donations in the future.” The donation to Manyemen IDPs came after others weeks earlier to an orphanage near Mbouda in the West region of Cameroon and another to newborns and their mothers at a Presbyterian health center in Kombe near Mbanga in the Littoral region. In appreciation, one of the maternity mothers said, “These gifts are very special. I am happy to have given birth in this centre at this time to receive these gifts. May God reward Bisong Foundation abundantly.” Staff of the health centre including the Nurse-in-charge, Ms Denise Making, were visibly joyed at the donation to their patients.

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