Barrister Akere Muna “The government has now opened a new front in the francophone regions of the country by actively and brutally refusing to exercise social and political rights.”

Barrister Akere Muna "The government has now opened a new front in the francophone regions of the country by actively and brutally refusing to exercise social and political rights."


Barrister Akere Muna has once again called on the government of Cameroon to restpect the rule laws and respect freedom of expression above all uphold the core values of democracy this was spotted in a publication on his official Facebook page.

“The rule of law is one of the fundamental pillars of a democratic society. The actions that the government continues to carry out in our country to undermine individual and collective freedoms and other fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution of our country demonstrate that Cameroonian citizens are slowly pushed to regard their government as an opponent, And not as a protector. The use of repressive methods and the incredibly disproportionate use of force against demonstrators engaged in peaceful markets is gradually becoming the norm. The arrest of the opposition actors that led to the inexplicable arrest of professor Maurice Kamto, President of the movement for the renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), as well as several allies, leaders and activists of this political party, must wake up all cameroonians Of their lethargy and encourage them to request accounts from the government. International Institutions, depositaries of the various treaties signed by our country, must also begin to request accounts in Cameroon.

Today we are all witnessing the slow destruction of the South-West and northwest regions. Most families, if not all, can tell the story of their loved ones who have lost their lives, who have been internally displaced or who have fled the country in search of better security conditions. Nigerians fleeing Boko Haram in the far north region were returned to their country, to the dismay of unhcr, while in the south Nigeria continues to absorb refugees fleeing the anglophone crisis. In many regions of the northwest and South-West, schools do not work and the future of our children is totally mortgaged. The increase in the number of pregnancies among young girls is alarming because they are forced to stay home or hide in the forest.

The Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), the second employer after the state, is about to collapse, as well as many other companies in these two regions. Without addressing the root causes of the crisis in the northwest and South-West, the government acts as if reconciliation and peace can be established through intimidation and oppression. Each International Institution, as well as friendly countries, recommended an inclusive dialogue.

After thousands of deaths, hundreds of villages burned, nearly 600 displaced persons and more than 50 refugees, the government still does not understand that the option it has chosen is only aggravating The situation of our country. The government has now opened a new front in the francophone regions of the country by actively and brutally refusing to exercise social and political rights. They have accentuated repression as a response to the critical situation of citizens – the same policy that led to the anglophone crisis.

Adding to this the insecurity in the eastern region and the wave of abductions in the dove region, as well as the anarchic increase in ethnic animosity, there is a need to worry. By refusing the peaceful marches of opposition forces, while allowing pro-government groups that openly declare that they are working to oppose the protests of other Cameroonians, it is difficult to say that the government does not deliberately create discord between its Citizens.

It is clear that the intrusion and destruction of foreign missions can under no circumstances be tolerated. It is counterproductive and the greatest losers end up being citizens who must not be blamed for the actions of our government. Professor Kamto denied any connection with those who perpetrated these acts and it would be illusory to use that justification by violating his civil rights. We must bear in mind that the socio-political atmosphere in Cameroon is very tense today, more and more Cameroonians expressing their frustration at the attitude and actions of a government that they regard as acting in the disinterest of the people they must protect . Livelihoods and even worse lives have been lost, and this heightened anger can push our citizens into frustration, commit acts that cross the border of acceptable and undermine the cause of justice.
The recent corruption perception index of transparency international, and even the report of the National Anti-corruption commission (Conac), confirm that corruption is a cancer that slowly eats the fabric of our

Government. The recent world bank report explains the methods used by officials and other government authorities to steal the future of cameroonians by overstating and billing goods and services.

This scourge of corruption is one of the causes of the withdrawal to our country of the organization of the African cup of nations that we should have welcomed in this year 2019. The head of state was put in an extremely embarrassing situation Since it has committed itself solemnly and without reservation to the entire nation, to personally ensure that Cameroon is “ready for the day”. ironically, those who hired otc markets instead of tenders seem to have Was Rewarded With Promotions.

In view of all the above, it is urgent for the government to immediately release all persons arrested in the context of the anglophone crisis, without exception. Must also be released, all persons arrested following peaceful demonstrations organized by the opposition forces. Furthermore, the government must urgently establish a framework that will guarantee peaceful demonstrations, protect citizen s’ rights and ensure the security of people and property. A public inquiry must be open to the expenses incurred for the African cup of nations with the ultimate goal of sending a strong message to all those who seek to enrich themselves illegally at the expense of those of Cameroonians who work daily hard. Steps must be taken to ensure the rapid organization of a national forum involving all stakeholders, with a view to defining together a new path to be followed and to consider measures to promote the rule of law, reconciliation and peacemaking. . The Reconstruction of villages and the resettlement of displaced persons, the disarmament and reintegration of former rebels, and the return of our children to school must be initiated. Thus, we will be able to ensure that the history of Cameroon does not end with this dark chapter, but that we will examine it in advance and will never forget what happens when the needs of the few greedy supersede those of the majority.”


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