Atanga Nji likens Cameroon Democracy to “water and electricity”; No doubt our taps are always dry & we are in Constant Blackout

Atanga Nji likens Cameroon Democracy to “water and electricity”; No doubt our taps are always dry & we are in Constant Blackout


Cameroon Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga  Nji has called on governors in the ten regions of Cameroon to ensure that they put in place maximum security measure to see into it that the upcoming Cameroon presidential election is well organized.

He was speaking in Yaoundé this on Monday 10th September 2018 during a meeting of regional governors in Cameroon, and he reminded the regional heads that they have a great role to play in the maintenance of peace and stability of Cameroon.

Here is an excerpt of the Minister

“Regional governors are therefor call upon to take necessary measures to ensure that the environment is fully secure for a hitch-free election to this effect exceptional security measures absolutely needed to be taken at the level, all level before during and after the presidential election.”

He added that

“At the time that the eradication of the Boko Haram sect is witnessing significant strikes, terrorist who constitute an insignificant minorities led by a group of secessionist are desperately working to disturb the tranquility of the population in the North West and South West Regions.

From the onset about two years ago a group of lawyers and some teachers trade unions tabled some grievances to the government the Head of State president Paul Biya who always listen to his people instructed the Prime Minister Head of Government to open up an enlarge platform for dialogue, the dialogue instructed by the Head of State was to say the lease broad based given that all those concern with the grievances were consulted other independent experts were also consulted to broading the framework of dialogue instructed by the Head of State and piloted by the Head of Government.

As at today, the situation is clear that the government went beyond the demands of lawyers and teachers, to be honest the Head of State even gave more than demanded”

Minister paul Atannga Nji told the governors.

He went further and quoted the speeches of Cameroon president Paul Biya on his firmness in resolving the ongoing Anglophone crisis

“I invite you to reflect on five historical except or speeches of the Head of State H.E Paul Biya “No one needs to go underground to express his or her opinion (2) the democratic process in Cameroon is hence forth there for irreversible (3) lets deliberate and not fight each other (4) Cameroon is one and indivisible so shall it be (5) Toy not with Cameroon. End of quote” it is for each and every one of us to understand that democracy is for us a common good just like water and electricity” Minister Paul Atanga Nji concluded

Looking at the concluding statement of Cameroon Minister of Territorial Administration about democracy being of common good to Cameroonians just like water and electricity one is tempted to see that reason for the constant shortage of water in towns and villages and above all the constant blackout of electricity in most towns and villages.

It has now become a new normal in some towns and villages especially in the South West and North West regions to go for weeks without electricity and taps are constantly dry in a nation that is surrounded by water.

This therefor shows the careless attitude of Cameroon democracy liken it with water and electricity to the lives of Cameroonians.


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