Anglophone SDO, Handerson Quetong, Witch-hunted, Amidst Ambazonia Piety Claims


One of Anglophones’ most devoted Civil Administrators, Handerson Quetong Kongeh, currently serving as Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Ntem Valley, South Region, is under security radar, amidst claims he is supporting the Ambazonian secessionist movement.

Shock-waves hit many, when news broke out that the former interim Southwest Governor, and SDO for Kupe Muanenguba, is being witch-hunted by some ego-massaging individuals who are using the current crisis in the two English Speaking Regions of the Country to sabotage a longstanding reputation that the said administrator has built for himself.

Reacting to the unfounded accusations on, the Mayor of Ambam council and CPDM Section President for Ntem Valley 1, Mr Hyacinthe Mba Mbo, on Saturday, October 6, 2018 expressed total surprise. He categorised the accusations as baseless.

“Mr. Handdeson Quetong Kongeh has no connection with such an organisation. I declare this as the mayor of Ambam council and native of the area. Moreover, he has often invited me to attend sensitisation meetings with the Anglophone community here. The language he uses to sensitise the Anglophone community here is that Cameroon is one and indivisible and that Anglophones should not be manipulated,” the Mayor said.

The Municipal Authority, however, disclosed that, the SDO is being
attacked because he reduced checkpoints at Abang-Minko border market where Gabonese where complaining of harassment from the forces of law and order.

 “A Gabonese citizen who came to the border market with FCFA 20.000, would finally reach the market with FCFA 8000 only
because, the rest of the money goes to individuals manning the many checkpoints between the neighbouring country and the Anbang-Minko border market. So, I asked the SDO to do something about that situation because Gabonese customers were running away and the market was dying,”
Mayor Hyacinthe Mba disclosed.

The Mayor then testified that, “as the SDO
took decisions to fight the phenomenon; he was immediately targeted by some unscrupulous individuals.”

Another source close to the SDO disclosed on Friday, October 5 that, “it’s unlikely. By the time Handdeson Quetong Kongeh was SDO in Kupe Muanenguba division in the South West region for instance, he actively fought against secession. His administrative unit was never hit by ghost towns. Children went to school and the population went about its activities hitch-free until he was posted elsewhere”. The
same source reminded that, “thanks to his personal implication; the attempted coup against Equatorial Guinea on December 2017 was aborted.”

“Long before now,” still recalled the source, “Quetong was Secretary General in the office of the governor of the South West region by the time there was no governor in that region and handled the region without any problem.”

It should be noted that Mr Handdeson Quetong Kongeh is accused of ‘betrayal and disloyalty vis-à-vis the institutions of the republic and the person who incarnates them by his support to Ambazonian secessionists’. The leaked cable, is contained in a recent report from the defence and security forces. The report also recommended that Handdeson Quetong Kongeh be posted out of the South Region

By Evodia ONDAKA



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