Ajumane Akam Francis: What does Akere Muna gain from joining Kamto ?

Ajumane Akam Francis: What does Akere Muna gain from joining Kamto ?


It was a long wait by it finally happened. Akere Muna has pulled out of the October 7 Presidential race and thrown his weight behind Maurice Kamto. What does the leader of the Now Movement stand to gain from this coalition? What is his motivation for this late turn in decision?

Coalition talks have been going on for months amongst the major front line parties with the UPC at one point serving as mediator before backing out. But the CRM of Maurice Kamto pushed on with the following proposals to the various candidates in the case where a coalition defeats Biya:

President: Maurice Kamto

Prime Minister : Akere Muna

President of the National Assembly: SDF

Any other ministerial position: Cabral Libii

All the candidates were and have always been for a coalition but the only thing that kept them apart was the top job.

If Akere decided to keep an open mind on these proposals, the other candidates seemed to have turned their backs.

Cabral Libii who seems to have a well-documented feud with the MRC/CRM for the past two years saw this as a big disrespect to his ego. How could he just be thrown around any ministry with the crowd he can pull ? On their part, the Kamto team have always and are still suspecting Cabral as an agent(spoiler) of the regime sent to create confusion within the opposition. Cabral was close to throwing his weight behind the SDF just after the party’s convention before making a swift U-turn. Don’t be surprised to see a last-minute Osih-Cabral coalition.

The SDF on their part stood firm: any coalition must be led by the main opposition party-maybe the reality is catching up with them today.

Akere’s decision could come as a surprise to many but not to the MRC and those who have been following the talks closely for months. Akere has been the only person who has kept an open mind in all the negotiations-not even Kamto has been receptive as him. As Akere walks his way to the ‘Prime Ministerial position’, will the others shrug their egos away and take their rightful positions within the coalition? Wait and see.

Ajumane Akam Francis.


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